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Code of Conduct


UH assumes responsibility as regulated by law and professional practice for the provision of legal services.  


Our criteria are autonomous and, therefore, our interpretation of provisions may differ from that made by the corresponding authorities. For this reason, the firm is not liable with respect to points of legal interpretation.  


The firm will not carry through any activities nor will give or offer, either directly or indirectly, any payments or tokens deemed as illegal, to any person, particularly to the employees or workers of official or state entities, or of international entities or organizations. 


The firm will provide clients with a supported analysis of clients’ rights and obligations and of the practical consequences thereof. 


The firm will act with diligence and efficiency in the representation of its clients. 


The firm will provide legal advice to its clients only in matters where it believes it is competent to do so. This competence is defined as the body of knowledge, skills and thoroughness. 


The firm abides by all the rules applicable to professional conduct.

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